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Best iPad App and Microphone for Karaoke

Nothing says party quite like Karaoke. The iPad is a near perfect accessory for the job. The Retina display makes the iPad excellent for reading lyrics, while the front-facing camera makes it possible to record you and your friends singing along with your favorite songs.

If you love karaoke, you should definitely check out this collection of apps and microphones for turning your iPad into a karaoke machine. You’re sure to be the life of any party.

charging your iPad

How Long Should I Charge my iPad the First Time?

You just got a brand new iPad, peeled off the protective plastic and connected your iCloud account to download all your apps, music, photos and other settings. The iPad battery comes with some charge, but the iPad isn’t at 100% battery power right out of the box. How long should you charge your iPad the first time before you can start enjoying all those great apps?