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Which iPhone 5 Case is Best?

The iPhone 5 sports one of the more elegant industrial designs we’ve seen from a smartphone to date. The beauty of the design comes at the expense of durability. While we’d never recommend using any iPhone without a case, the iPhone 5 needs a case to prevent damage to either the metal body or the glass screen. Ryan Pierson reviews several options he tested to help you find the right case for your needs.

budget camera stabilizer

Budget DSLR Camera Stabilizers

When using a DSLR for video recording, you need to be conscious of the potential challenges of handheld recording. Handheld recording is always prone to some camera shake. Lenses with built-in image stabilization are typically optimized for still photography, not video. The solution is to look for a camera stabilizer that fits your video project. Ryan Pierson breaks down some excellent options in this article.


Canon DSLR Video Recording Options

Recording video on a DSLR opens you up to a world of different visual possibilities. Interchangeable lenses and powerful sensors make DSLR cameras an excellent choice for amateur and professional videographers searching for top quality video gear at a cost that won’t break the bank. A camcorder with the same interchangeable lens system and low-light performance of a DSLR costs significantly more for less flexibility than a midrange DSLR body coupled with a couple of quality lens.


Best iPad App and Microphone for Karaoke

Nothing says party quite like Karaoke. The iPad is a near perfect accessory for the job. The Retina display makes the iPad excellent for reading lyrics, while the front-facing camera makes it possible to record you and your friends singing along with your favorite songs.

If you love karaoke, you should definitely check out this collection of apps and microphones for turning your iPad into a karaoke machine. You’re sure to be the life of any party.