Coolest is The Best Beach Cooler

Coolest beach cooler

Want to have the most popular blanket on the beach this summer? Bring the Coolest cooler with you and you’ll be sure to make all kinds of new friends.

What makes the Coolest so amazing? It’s the ultimate cooler, complete with built-in blender, a Bluetooth speaker, the ability to charge phones, and a combination of wheels and telescoping handle to make the trip from the car to the perfect party spot easier.

Will it Blend?

I’m always a little leery of any battery powered blender. You can’t expect Blendtec performance, but you also can’t take a Blendtec to the beach. In the case of the Coolest blender, it does a great job of chopping through the ice and fruit in a strawberry margarita. The cooler is big enough for ice for several rounds while still leaving room for beers, sodas, or whatever else you might want to keep cold.

Kick Out the Jams

The Bluetooth speaker won’t blow anyone off the beach, but it’s loud enough to entertain nearby friends. It’s loud enough to hold down the party next to a sand volleyball court and doesn’t get drowned out by the sound of the ocean. Having a built-in charger means you don’t have to worry about the music dying before you’re ready to pack up for the day.

Keep Chillin’

The cooler storage holds 55 quarts, which is a lot of ice or a massive compartment that can store both ice and other supplies. All that storage comes at a price in terms of weight. The empty cooler weighs roughly 40 pounds, so adding ice and grill foods definitely increases the burden. The insulation is thick enough to keep your ice from melting all day – the company claims five days, though I’ve never tested that.

The wheels and handle make it easy to move all that weight on flat surfaces but you should definitely expect to need a buddy to move the cooler on loose sand. In fact, if I were to make one complaint about the Coolest, it’s that the wheels could definitely use an upgrade for going through really loose sand.

In addition to the core features, the Coolest comes with four plates and a wine opener, and pairing knife that match either the Margarita Green, Classic Orange or Blue Moon (pictured) color options. The center divider of the cooler doubles as a cutting board.

Coolest accessories

Bottom Line

The Coolest was originally part of a somewhat controversial Kickstarter project, which left some of the backers unhappy. The previously mentioned wheels aren’t perfect on sand, but this really is the best cooler I’ve ever had the pleasure to party with. The only thing that would make it better is a solar panel to leverage all that beach sun to keep the battery from draining.

While I tend to agree with many of the Amazon reviews that say this is too pricey at the $499 MSRP, for all the features included, it’s definitely a viable beach companion at prices under $400. Coolest beach cooler to upgrade your beach party.

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