HP Spectre x2 First Look

Hot on the heels of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 announcement, HP brings the new Spectre x2 to it’s line up of convertible laptops. The Spectre x2 features a kickstand much like the Surface Pro line, with the added advantage of including a keyboard in the box. The keyboard is detachable so the

While the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 uses new Intel Core Skylark processors, the Spectre x2 relies on 6th generation Intel Core M processors. The 12-inch screen is 1920×1080, which is fairly standard, but doesn’t live up to some of the higher end offerings like the HP EliteBook 1020 and the Dell XPS 13 that are really setting the standard for portable displays. The Spectre x2 comes in two configurations, one with 4GB of RAM and 128GB hard drive or a second option with 8GB RAM and 256GB hard drive. Both models feature 5 megapixel front facing and 8 megapixel rearfacing cameras. An optional LTE data plan will get you connected anywhere with either model.

At .31 inches thick (.52 with keyboard), HP has done a nice job of creating a compact experience that competes nicely with pure tablets when the device is used without the keyboard. This looks like an affordable option for doing all your enterprise computing tasks, from checking email, to reviewing PowerPoint slides, to checking reports in Excel either at your desk or leaned back without the keyboard.

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