You just lost your smartphone, now what?

I’m going Digitally Dark for the next 24 hours as part of the Absolute LoJack Challenge. This means that for the next 24 hours, I’m going to attempt to simulate the experience of losing my phone and document what it’s like. I talked a little about this in a recent video.

Giving up your phone for 24 hours is no big deal, right? I know I’ve personally been without many of my phones functions when I’ve been off the grid hiking in a nearby National Park. That was giving up cell phone reception by choice.

What I’m hoping to recreate on some small level is the various frustrations associated with actually losing my phone or having it stolen. It turns out that more than 100 smartphones are lost or stolen in the United States every single minute of the day. In major cities in the United States, 40% of thefts involve phones. In San Francisco, which is roughly 70 miles from my home, 60% of all smartphone thefts are robberies.

Those phone statistics don’t account for the laptops and notebook computers which are reported to be stolen at a rate of one every 53 seconds, according to the Ponemon Institute.

When AbsoluteSoftware asked me to participate in the Absolute LoJack Challenge, it got me thinking about all the disadvantages of losing my phone. There are apps on my phone that either automatically sign in or are always signed in. As I talk about in another video, if your email is on your phone and you use a banking app, it would be incredibly easy for someone to recover your banking password and potentially access your online banking. If someone can access your Amazon account from your phone, they may be able to order products and have them shipped to an address that isn’t yours.

Absolute LoJack

Absolute LoJack fits into all this because they have software that installs on laptops and many smartphones to help you recover stolen devices. The software is enabled in a way that prevents it from being removed if someone swipes your device and tries to wipe the data.

If your device gets lost or stolen, you simply contact AbsoluteSoftware. They have a team of recovery professionals who work with law enforcement to help you get your device back. They’ve gotten more than 4,500 criminal convictions, with over $30 million in recovered hardware from more than 100 countries.

If this sounds like something you want for your own smartphone or laptop, I’ve got an exclusive promotional code for AbsoluteLoJack. Visit the Challenge website and enter the code DARK30 for 30% off a 1-year Absolute LoJack Standard or Premium subscription.

I’ll probably already be Digitally Dark when you read this, but look for my video reaction to being without my smartphone this weekend. If you want to play along, you can try going dark for 24 hours too – just let me know how it goes if you do!

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