Untag or remove a photo

How To Untag Yourself in Facebook Photos

Have you ever had someone tag you in a photo and wish you could remove the tag? Here are the simple steps to removing that tag or taking the more extreme measure to completely remove the photo.

If you’re alive and reading this right now, chances are pretty good that somewhere out there is a picture you’d rather not have published on the Internet. While it’s easy to prevent publication of photos you control, there’s no telling when a friend from high school, your college roommate or a well-meaning co-worker might post one of those photos. And then they tag you on Facebook.

The good news is, you can untag yourself in any Facebook photo fairly easily. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps.

The easiest way to see all the photos you appear in on Facebook is to visit your own timeline and click on Photos. Depending on which version of the Timeline you currently have, this looks a little different, but all paths lead to the same photo collection, which contains all the photos you posted yourself, along with all the photos other people tagged you in.

To remove a tag, click on the photo so that you can see it in the Facebook lightbox mode that includes various face tags and Facebook comments. Under the photo there should be a link called options, that includes the ability to Report/Remove Tag.

Untag Facebook photos

Once you click that link you have a couple of options. You can either untag yourself or request that Facebook completely remove the photo.

Untag or remove a photo

While you can certainly take down a photo you don’t like, if you are friends with the person who posted the photo, you might be better served by emailing them. While I would never purposely post a photo of someone I thought might be embarrassing, I’d be pretty mad if someone removed a photo I posted without asking me first.

Reducing Tag Exposure

If you want to reduce the number of people who can tag you or see photos you are tagged in, go to the Account Settings > Timeline and Tagging Settings and change turn on the ability to review posts friends tag you in. You can also choose who sees the things you are tagged in, so that you can see when you are tagged, but the tagged images do not appear on your public timeline.

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