Never Wait on Hold Again

One of the best things the smartphone did for me is alter my perception of time. Instead of finding myself annoyed by how long I stand in line, I use that time to read or respond to email. But there’s one line I can’t ever seem to escape – the customer hold queue for telephone support. Or at least I felt like I was stuck until my friend Aaron launched FastCustomer.

FastCustomer Never Makes You Wait on HoldFastCustomer helps make sure you never need to wait on hold again by helping connect you to a live person when the company you are calling has a support representative available to talk. Instead of you sitting on hold listening to music that may or may not be soothing, FastCustomer will call you at the time when there’s someone who can provide you the customer support you need.

When you need to call for help, FastCustomer lets you know the average wait time, when the peak call times occur, and most importantly the company can connect you with a representative without listening to annoying on-hold music or going through an endless series of menus.

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can download an app that will connect you with customer support for hundreds of companies. If you use Google Chrome on your computer, a browser extension can help connect you. The FastCustomer website lets you choose the company you want to speak with and connects you as long as you provide a phone number to connect the call.

Try out FastCustomer in the method that works for you. The service will save you time and make sure it isn’t wasted in an infinite loop of pressing 1.

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