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Facebook Just Hid All Your Email Addresses – Here’s How To Fix It

Last year, Facebook gave all users a email address in what appeared to be an early indication that Facebook was rolling out an advanced internal messaging system for users. When paired with a Facebook username, which is usually the second part of the profile url after, anyone can email directly to a Facebook user’s message inbox from a third-party email provider.

Unfortunately, Facebook “email” – or really, messages – hasn’t taken off. Most people still communicate via their normal forms of communication, whether it’s text, email, or whatever chat client they prefer. Facebook decided it wants to force people to communicate via messages by removing any email address a Facebook user has chosen to make visible on their profile, replacing it with the Facebook email address. (Note: this has only happened if your privacy settings allow people to see your email address at all.)

To remove your email address from your profile, view your profile and then click on the “About” link underneath your basic details below your profile pic. In the Contact Info module, click the “Edit” button. Finally, next to email address toggle from the dropdown menu to not show your email address on your Timeline, and instead show your other email addresses. This will allow you to hide your address and show your real email address instead.

Facebook Email Settings

As always, you can also change the privacy settings for each address by visiting your privacy settings for even more control over who sees these email addresses.

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