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HP Cloud Approaching Feature Parity with AWS

HP Cloud joined the public cloud business much later than AWS, Rackspace and many of the smaller players, with a public beta in 2011. In some respects, the late arrival gave HP some advantage in seeing where competitors were thin. This is probably best evidenced by the robust Cloud Map support that carried over from HP private cloud solutions – the rest of the market relied on companies like Rightscale to provide similar functionality for AWS and Rackspace early on. This doesn’t mean HP was without some gaps.

Universal access to people, applications, and data
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Your Mobile Personal Grid and Context Aware Networking

Imagine a world where you’ve got persistent connectivity to all the public and private data you need to access on a daily basis. Your network connections understand the context for what you are doing, providing the connection and access to the data you need at the time you need it. In this world, your connection is also smart enough to switch between WiFi and cellular data depending on which mode is best for your immediate situation. And no matter which device or devices you have with you, you can access what you need.

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Hostway Survey – Moving to the Cloud

As the former directory of technology at a rapidly growing content publishing company and owner of my own online business, I understand how cloud computing plays a vital role in being able to scale computing resources without needing to dramatically increase capital expenditure and employee headcounts. That’s not to say there aren’t challenges to deploying cloud computing resources – there certainly are. I have the battle scars to prove that I made a few mistakes along the way. If you’ve made the move from traditional bare metal to cloud computing resources, you probably have a few scars too.