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YouTube Channels for Top Global Brands

Each year Interbrand analyzes the investment and management of the brand as a business asset for the world’s top companies. According to Interbrand, their methodology accounts for the numerous ways a brand touches and benefits its organization, including everything from attracting and retaining talented employees to living up to customer expectations. The three key aspects contributing to Interbrand’s assessment are:

  • The financial performance of the branded products or services.
  • The role of brand in the purchase decision process.
  • The strength of the brand.

The result is the annual Interbrand Best Global Brands report. With the exception of Morgan Stanley (#54) and Corona Extra (#89), all of these top brands maintain YouTube channels as part of their overall brand strategy. Corona Extra is most notable for having stopped publishing a few weeks ago.

Some of the brands are more active than others. Many of the brands have multiple channels designed to segment their diverse customer base. There’s plenty to be learned in looking at how each of these brands interacts. Here’s a list of the primary YouTube channels for the Interbrand Top Global Brands.

There’s plenty to be learned about what works and what doesn’t by looking at the types of videos these companies publish. They all have large marketing budgets and the ability to experiment. What’s most interesting is that many of these companies aren’t getting the massive view counts on their videos that large budgets might afford them – though view counts aren’t nearly as important as getting the right people to view your videos.

List of Top Global Brands

Coca-Cola was making shareable advertising long before online sharing was possible. I’m guessing few people at least as old as I am don’t remember the “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” song.



Google definitely leverages its second largest web property to inform and educate across many channels, but this is the primary channel for the brand.

Microsoft and YouTube shouldn’t really be mentioned together without also pointing you to the Xbox YouTube channel.

GE doesn’t include Jack Donaghy among the channel contributors, but it does actively post new videos.

McDonalds is one of the few companies that hasn’t secured the actual brand name for its YouTube user name, due to a prior user grabbing it. They use mcdonaldscorp instead.

Intel opted to go with Channel Intel rather than the corporate brand for YouTube.

Samsung features many of their new technologies, but never cashed in on all the views users generate from teaching you how to change the bulb in their DLP televisions.








Louis Vuitton







American Express







Budweiser requires you to sign in to see their content due to the age restrictions on alcohol.

J.P. Morgan










L’Oreal Paris


Thomson Reuters


Heinz doesn’t have a corporate channel, but they do have several YouTube channels, including Heinz Tomato Ketchup UK and Heinz Dip and Squeeze.

Colgate is another brand without a unified front door on YouTube, instead relying on Colgate Oral Care and Colgate UK

Goldman Sachs




Danone has region specific channels, including Danone France and Danone Canal.

Hyundai targets the U.S. automobile market with Hyundai USA and the flagship Hyundai Worldwide.

Morgan Stanley does not have a YouTube channel and as a result, YouTube creates an auto-generated channel of related content.

Audi focuses on the German market first, but also has channels for many other demographics including The Audio Channel focused on the U.S. market.

Nintendo brings you plenty of Mario, Link, 3DS, and Wii content on a regular basis.

Nestle has an extensive YouTube strategy, including the humanitarian Creating Shared Value and a U.S. focused channel.

AXA ranges from corporate to the People Protectors channel.

Xerox goes behind the scenes on many of their products with their YouTube channel.

Adidas mixes in product videos with the My Formula workout series.

Caterpillar publishes large equipment video and business topics in several of languages.

Allianz publishes videos about all kinds of European sporting events.

Hermes Paris brings you the best of French fashion.

KFC is largely focused on sharing commericals via YouTube.

Panasonic focuses its main channel on the Japanese market, but targets individual channels at various markets around the world, including USA and UK, as well as a news-focused channel.

Sprite rates as a brand in its own right within the Interbrand list and Coca-Cola Company built out a YouTube channel to support it.

MTV parent, Viacom, has maintained a contentious relationship with YouTube over the years, but that hasn’t stopped them from building a substantial YouTube presence.

Cartier gives you the best of their jewelry on YouTube.

Facebook offers the occasional feature how-to on their channel, but their most popular stuff takes you behind the scenes at the social network.

Tiffany & Co. combines ads, product showcases, and behind the scenes of one of the world’s most-loved jewelry brands.

Avon devotes most of its YouTube efforts to educating the sales force.

Porsche shows you plenty of aspirational car videos to get you excited about the iconic car brand.

Nissan publishes a wide variety of car commercials.

Visa offers a mix of entertainment and education aimed at merchants.

Shell brings you the world of global energy with additional channels for Shell Helix and Shell Advance motor oils.

Santander mixes global banking and social enterprise development on their YouTube channel.

3M features many of their product developments in slick video productions.

Adobe offers YouTube channels for many of their products including Photoshop, Lightroom, and Adobe eLearning.

Johnson & Johnson provides health information and a health dose of babies on their Johnson’s Baby channel.

Kleenex offers a bunch of science experiment videos you can try at home.

Jack Daniels brings you live music performances that may or may not be influenced by whiskey.

Burberry combines music and fashion.

Johnnie Walker focuses most of their YouTube efforts on commercials.

Prada brings you fashion commercials and fashion shows.

John Deere brings you heavy equipment for farm and construction work in action with a series of videos.

Pizza Hut gives you pizza in every video.

Kia offers everything from Vans Warped Tour videos to animation to advertising from their television campaigns.

Starbucks offers a mix of commercials, behind-the-scenes and inspirational videos from the world of coffee.

Corona Extra appears to have retired their YouTube channel, but you can still find videos.

Smirnoff is too caught up in referring to themselves as the “world’s leading vodka brand” on their YouTube channel.

Ralph Lauren mixes fashion and culture on their YouTube channel.

Heineken fills their YouTube channel with the same clever commercials they run on television.

BlackBerry features mobile products on their YouTube channel.

MasterCard mixes things up with interviews from sponsored athletes, commercials, and on location interviews.

Credit Suisse provides a financial education on its channel.

Harley Davidson brings the HOG owner’s lifestyle to YouTube.

Yahoo! brings many of their content properties additional visibility via video.

Moet & Chandon bring you the Champagne of YouTube channels (I only had to wait 98 channels to say that).

Ferarri brings you videos from Formula One racing along with driver interviews and the occasional television commercial.

Gap brings the YouTube generation stories from customers, television spots and a variety of other videos.

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