OfferUp Makes Selling Stuff Simple

Every year I acquire new gadgets to use for creating videos, writing articles, and keeping up to speed on technology changes. The ones that I receive as review units are either returned to the manufacturer or, when possible, given away to readers like you. The things I purchase typically go up for sale on garage sale or auction sites to help offset the cost of buying the next round of gear.

OfferUp AppDepending on how much stuff I need to get rid of, cleaning out the stuff can be a pretty big job. I try and list things in more than one place, because I’m more likely to find the right buyer. But I hadn’t ever found an efficient way to list one item in many places. That is, I hadn’t found an efficient way until I discovered OfferUp.

OfferUp is an iPhone app that makes it easy to photograph and list the items you want to sell, without needing to fill out information on all the sites you want to use. You snap a photo of th product, fill in a description and price, and share the listing. OfferUp connects you with a buyer once you have someone interested.

One of the things that looks really promising about OfferUp is the TruYou feature, which validates your identity with OfferUp. I know that when I buy or sell something on Craigslist, for instance, I’m always a little nervous about meeting the person who might be making the purchase. You can reduce some of the risk by meeting in a public place, but it’s also nice to have an extra layer of validation to go with it.

In future versions of OfferUp, there will also be a payment feature, which means you can get paid without the need for any cash exchanging hands in the process.

While attending the GROW Conference in Vancouver, B.C. last month, I did an interview with the OfferUp CEO, because they are also a customer of HasOffers. The video includes a demo showing how simple the listing process is.

Download OfferUp and start selling your stuff.

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