GROW 2012 Startup Smackdown

This year’s GROW Conference Startup Smackdown featured some great competition from four diverse companies all vying for the top prize.

Kawkfighter, a Facebook game that might best be classified as the FarmVille of cock fighting, is a double-entendre layden game that challenges players to grow their cock up to fighting weight.

Mover, a company that facilitates data migration between cloud storage providers, is a personal favorite of mine.

Freak’n Genius, a DIY animation app that came out of the TechStars Kinect class, was the third company. rounds out the group as a solution for electronically creating and signing documents. One cool feature of this app is an export to Evernote option.

The judging challenged everyone, but here’s how it breaks down:

Mover gets a low of six and a high of eight.

Freak’n Genius gets a low of five and a high of nine. gets a low of four and a high of eight.

Kawkfighter gets a low of zero and a high of ten.

And the winner is…

Runner up is

Mover was the clear winner.

All of these products are interesting, but the judging makes sense. Mover solves a major headache for IT managers. has some tough competition from Docusign and Adobe. Kawkfighter has a clever product, but the classic buyer for this style of game might be turned off by the tongue-in-cheek humor. Freak’n Genius lives up to their name, but it’s unclear how they will monetize at this point.

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