How to Put PDF on Kindle

Kindle Fire owners can ignore this article, because it doesn’t apply to you. For my Kindle Touch, the Kindle Keyboard, and the basic Kindle, PDF support requires a couple of extra steps. If you want to read PDF files on your Kindle, here’s the easy way to get the job done.

Sign in to your Kindle account at to find out what your Kindle E-mail Address is. This address will be something Use the email address associated with your account to send the PDF you want to read as an attachment to your Kindle E-Mail Address.

Important: Do not insert a subject in the message. Do not type any text in the message body. A subject or body text in your email to your Kindle E-Mail Address might make the PDF conversion fail.

Using this email method will cost you 10-cents for the file to get automatically transferred to your Kindle. If you don’t have your Kindle USB cable handy, this is by far the easiest thing to do and 10-cents isn’t going to break the bank for most of us.

Putting a PDF on Kindle for Free

We all like free right? There is also a free way to put PDF files on your Kindle, but it’s a little more convoluted. Instead of sending a message with attachment to your address, you’re going to send a message to your email address. The address has the same text in front of the @ symbol. Amazon converts the file for you, then sends you back the converted file as an attachment. You then need to connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cable and copy the file over to your Kindle. Sounds easy enough, but the extra steps seem to be more likely to introduce an error in the conversion process. The smart money is on simply paying the 10-cents and making it easy.

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2 comments on “How to Put PDF on Kindle

  1. You did not mention the option of using Calibre, a free bit of software, or some other such program, (if there are, indeed, others), to convert files to one’s preference, mobi for Kindle, and send to one’s device.  This option does not involve amazon, an e-mail transfer, or even the ten cents you mention.


  2. Jim Starke

    I just upload the pdf directly to the Kindle and read it. Never needed to convert.


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