My Kingdom for the Princess Walkthrough, Tips, and Cheats

My Kingdom for the Princess is one of those great beat-the-clock games where you have to choose the right sequence of events to complete the level before time runs out. By gathering materials and repairing buildings, you clear the path to move Arthur and the Princess closer to their return to the castle and safety from the dragon. Here is a walkthrough of some key elements in My Kingdom for the Princess, along with some tips to help you beat the game.


My Kingdom for the Princess Tips

When the level tells you something new is available at the beginning, that’s usually the thing you need to succeed for the level.

Take your time before you start the level. The timer doesn’t start on a level until you click on an action for your worker, so you have time to plot the best course of action.

Try to see clearing which road first will give you the most needed resource. If you don’t have a market or gold mine, there will be no incoming gold, except when you solve treasure jigsaw puzzle where you will have 1 gold per turn.

If there is no warehouse available on a level, you can only stock 20 pieces of resources. So don’t wait too long to spend whatever you have collected otherwise you will not be accumulating them.

Getting rid of Ghosts: You can make ghosts vanish by building a temple in any level.

Getting rid of cannibals and polar bears: Cannibals and polar bears blocking the path will disappear once you build a barracks in any level.

Wells are not required When you start the desert section of the game, you will be informed that wells make workers faster. This is true, but if a well is buried behind a ton of obstacles, don’t focus on the well, focus on completing the level instead.

Build your warehouse first: This won’t be true for every level, but in most levels with a warehouse, building the warehouse first is the winning strategy. A warehouse increases the bundle size of wood, food, and gold from 3 to 4 units, with the largest warehouse increasing bundle sizes to 5. You can further take advantage of this by using the increased resource bonus.

Collecting Keys or Torches:In the last 2 challenges in the 4 level, you have to light torches and gather keys to complete the level. The winning strategy for these levels is to clear the roads first, then light the torches or gather keys.


Extra worker is a useful bonus when you have many objects to collect or when there are multiple paths to clear. Be sure there is something for the extra worker to do before choosing it.

Extra resources is particularly useful on levels where resources are scarce and can help you complete the level quickly because you won’t be as limited by time.

10 Second bonus is very useful on the harder levels because stopping the clock can be the difference between expanding your castle and eeking out a complete level.

My Kingdom for the Princess Walkthrough by Level

Level 1.1 Chop up 3 fallen trees and branches
This is basically a tutorial level to show you how the game works. Follow directions and you will complete it on time.

Level 1.2 Construct a farm and Repair the bridge
Construct the farm by clicking on the empty farm location in the game. Once the farm is built, it provides you with one unit of food each minute, which helps the worker complete some obstacles (like clearing branches). You can then chop up fallen brances lying on the path to acquire wood. You will need the wood to repair bridges.

Level 1.3 Construct a farm, Construct a cottage, and Turn 5 sections of swamp into road
Start building your farm first. Use your worker to clear fallen trees and then turn your shack into a cottage to add a second worker. Have the two workers clear obstacles until you get to the section where you repair the swamp road.

Level 1.4 Repair the sawmill and Turn 7 sections of swamp into road
Build a farm to start generating food. Gather freebies andstart clearing fallen trees. Once you have enough wood, fix the bridge. Build the sawmill and then starton the swamp road. You should be able to complete this level before the ‘hurry, nightfall is approaching’ warning using only one worker.

Level 1.5 Pick 3 flowers and Repair 2 bridges
Gather enough wood to build the sawmill and start fixing the broken farm. Once you get the path to the flowers clear, build the farm. Gather the 3 flowers and start repairing your way toward completing both bridges. The faster workers bonus comes in handy.

Level 1.6 Plant 3 flowers
Build your farm first, then build a sawmill. The farm gives you enough food to clear fallen branches on the way gathering gold and planting flowers. Once you have both the farm and sawmill, you can upgrade to a cottage to add a second worker as you work through the level. For the flowers, the best strategy is to gather gold, then plant a flower, gather more gold, plant the second flower, then gather gold for the third flower before planting.

Level 1.7 Collect 5 pearls and Build a Temple
Build the sawmill first and then build the farm. Work your way to the beach where you can gather pearls. Build a cottage to add a second worker, then work toward building a temple to remove the ghost and repair the bridge. Wait to build the temple until after the bridge is under way.

Level 1.8
Work toward the broken sawmill and repair it. Once the sawmill is complete build a farm. Build a cottage and then start working your way to the swamp.

Level 1.9
Build a sawmill first, collecting resources as needed. Build the farm second. Once you have both, complete the cottage, while having your worker clear the way to a complete level.

Level 1.10
Send your workers around collecting gold, The best way to do this is to click on gold in each direction so that you never have a worker waiting.

Level 1.11
Build a warehouse first, then build the sawmill. Build a farm. Work your way through the level, don’t upgrade your shack to a cottage until you’ve completed the first bridge or you will run short on resources.

Level 1.12
Solve the puzzle by organizing the pieces.

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