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budget camera stabilizer

Budget DSLR Camera Stabilizers

When using a DSLR for video recording, you need to be conscious of the potential challenges of handheld recording. Handheld recording is always prone to some camera shake. Lenses with built-in image stabilization are typically optimized for still photography, not video. The solution is to look for a camera stabilizer that fits your video project. Ryan Pierson breaks down some excellent options in this article.


Canon DSLR Video Recording Options

Recording video on a DSLR opens you up to a world of different visual possibilities. Interchangeable lenses and powerful sensors make DSLR cameras an excellent choice for amateur and professional videographers searching for top quality video gear at a cost that won’t break the bank. A camcorder with the same interchangeable lens system and low-light performance of a DSLR costs significantly more for less flexibility than a midrange DSLR body coupled with a couple of quality lens.