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4 Reasons to Attend HP Discover and a Coupon Discount

HP Discover Discount Coupon

HP Discover Discount Coupon Last year, I went to the inaugural HP Discover conference in Las Vegas and had a blast. I got the chance to interview some great people and even got a sneak peek at a couple products that were just launching. The Paul McCartney performance at HP Discover was definitely a highlight.

This year’s HP Discover conference should be just as awesome. The DreamWorks team behind Madagascar 3 will be on hand talking about how they use HP technologies in animation. While most of us will never work on feature length animated movies, as a video guy I like seeing how the hard problems are solved, because you can always work backward to a scale that fits your application.

If you need to provide your manager with some good excuses solid reasons your company will benefit from your attendance at HP Discover, here are a few that might help.

Coupon Discount: Just by reading this article, you can make a better case for attending. Register using this link and coupon code: BLOG for $300 off at registration. You have to go through steps 1-3 before you can enter the code and see the discount.

Face Time and Networking: One of the key reasons I attend any event is the opportunity to talk with people in real time. Most of the Cloud Advisors will be on hand. Other people who work in the trenches will be on hand. You’re far more likely to find someone who has experienced the same challenges you are facing when you attend a highly focused event like HP Discover.

Thinking Big: As I mentioned, DreamWorks will be at HP Discover. Jeffrey Katzenberg and some of the DreamWorks team will be on hand talking about how they use HP technologies as they create animated feature films. I’m always more inspired to tackle the challenges I face after hearing how other people addressed their business challenges. In the video world, rendering animations and special effects is about as complex as you can get.

Career Development: If you’re already considering HP ExpertOne certification, HP Discover is a great opportunity to complete some of the testing. You can save as much as $875 on certification testing by taking up to 5 free exams during the conference. That’s in addition to any additional knowledge you gain throughout the event.

Hands-on Labs: If you’re considering HP technologies (or even if you’re considering the competition) you have the opportunity to kick the tires in a lab environment. Experts are on hand to walk you through specific configurations and help you have a better understanding of the benefits and limitations of any solution you may be considering. Here again, this is a chance to get access to smart people who wouldn’t normally be readily available.

Entertainment: Maybe this isn’t something to share with your boss, but there’s a screening of DreamWorks Madagascar 3, along with the featured HP Discover performance by Sheryl Crow and Don Henley. If you pass those 5 tests, you deserve a reward, right? If you bring your spouse or any other non-attendee, there’s a small fee for them to attend the events too.

If you are planning to attend HP Discover, feel free to drop me a line using the contact form at the top of the page or by leaving a note in the comments. I’d love to meet up in Las Vegas. Hopefully I’ll see you at HP Discover!

Don’t forget to register using coupon code BLOG to get $300 off during registration.

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